ECO-friendly, reimagined

The /re/PURPOSE Collection, the very first of its kind, is a sustainable approach to timeless rugs. Comprised of uniquely plush recycled plastic, these hand-knotted rugs are a luxurious yet eco-conscious solution to the need for hard-wearing and stain-resistant rugs. Discarded polyethylene components – that would otherwise find their way into the ocean or landfill – are processed using heat and water (then itself recycled) to create a surprisingly soft and robust yarn. Each piece is handmade-to-order by artisans in India with the same gentle care and rigorous ethical standards as any other Jennifer Manners rug. These are refined designs with a mission in mind.

Awarded ‘Best Sustainable Product’ at Decorex 2019 & The English Home Magazine’s ‘Editor’s Choice’.

The Process

Plastic bottles are first sliced into small chips and dried, as any moisture that would weaken the finished yarn. The chips are then moved through pipes (heated to 270 degrees) that melt the material down. The liquid plastic can then be pressed through a perforated disc to make long, continuous strands. To strengthen this new fibre, it is heated again and stretched to further bond the fibres. After this, the substance is shredded down to form a fluffy fibre that appears almost like cotton wool. A machine brushes all the fibres in the same direction (this is called ‘carding’) to form a felt-like texture. From there, the material can be spun, hand-dyed and woven like any other rug.


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