These days many of our homes are filled with bulk-made furniture, resulting in many rooms containing the same identify as one another and, although this tends to be the cheapest way to style your home, it’s not always the best solution.

In life, they say that certain things get better with age, whether that’s a vintage wine or a smelly cheese, and furniture is no different. By adding antique furniture into your homes you are instantly providing your rooms with an added touch of class, heritage and a focal point that becomes the centre of attention at parties and family get togethers.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should be looking to buy vintage furniture in the future: 


Ok, so buying antique furniture is not the cheapest option in the world – although there are some great bargains to be had – but long-term it makes perfect sense, especially if you tend to replace the cheaper furniture that you buy every couple of years or so.

"The reality is that vintage furniture will last the distance.

The fact that it’s already ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’ highlights the fact that it’s already stood the test of time, therefore it’s highly unlikely that you will be looking to replace your antique dresser within a few years of purchasing it.

By comparison, opting for cheaper, run of the mill furniture is likely to result in you replacing your items on a far more regular basis in the future. Therefore, you might think that your new table only cost you £100.00, but how many tables are you likely to be buying over the next 10-20 years? Possibly a good handful, and this is why paying a little more to buy antique furniture works out to be more cost-effective because you are only likely to be paying out once rather than multiple times over the coming years.

Visual Appeal

As touched upon earlier, it is known that antique furniture contains a certain heart and soul that modern furniture is lacking, so it’s no surprise that buying a classic item can transform your home into a unique and beautiful setting.

The design of vintage furniture just oozes a class that modern day furniture fails to have, whether that relates to the colour, style or materials used to create the piece, which is why we would always opt for the antique option. 

Environmentally Friendly

There is no denying the environmental issues that currently exist in this world, therefore it makes sense to buy furniture that has been painstakingly designed and built by a tradesmen that was intended to survive the test of time, rather than choosing to buy a cheaper item that will need replacing a year down the line.


There is something romantic about the idea of passing your finest antique furniture onto your children, who, in turn, will continue the trend and pass the item onto their kids. When furniture has been crafted with such love, care and skill, it deserves to be around as long as possible and given a new life, unlike the majority of today’s disposable furniture, which tends to be lacking any real personality.

You’re The Boss

Just because you’ve moved into a brand new modern home doesn’t mean that you have to fill it with modern, lifeless furniture. Instead, why not focus on a contrasting style of vintage meets modern to create a truly stunning and visually breathtaking setting?