Fashions come and go, usually at the blink of an eye. However, the truth is that what was once fashionable will, invariably, come back in fashion when you least expect it.

It may take years for a particular style to become popular again but, in more cases than not, it will make its way back into our homes once again. You only have to look back a couple of years ago when "shabby chic" became highly in demand. Nowadays, "shabby chic” items are available all over the high street and online, with this style of item being highly sought after.

Of course, many vintage, retro, “shabby chic” – call them what you will – items appear in charity shops all of the time, whether they be items of clothing, accessories or furniture. However, the huge popularity of these classic items is constantly on the rise, meaning that people are no longer taking their vintage goods to the charity shops, instead choosing to sell them for, in some cases, hundreds of pounds on eBay and other similar websites. So, clearly vintage fashion, whether that is clothing, retro furniture or accessories, is highly in demand. Buy why?

Well, in regards to retro furniture and accessories, the colours used in these retro and classic pieces stands out against any current furniture products.

"Retro furniture was all about being bright, in your face and not afraid to be daring.

This made these items stand out in the crowd, drawing attention to them and ensuring that they became to centre of attention. Nowadays, furniture tends to lean on the safe side, with white seeming to be the current colour of choice.

So, when you are stuck at home on a cold winter’s day and the rain is pouring outside, would you rather be surrounded by white furniture or sat in a room filled with striking, vivid colours that bring a touch of warmth into your life no matter how cold it is outside? We know which option we would choose, and that is exactly what retro fashion is back with a bang!