Choosing the perfect rug for a space can be challenging and easier said than done. It’s one of the first things to catch your eye as you enter the room and therefore making a lasting first impression to you and your guests.

Of course, whilst the ideal rug can transform an interior space into something bold or exciting, the wrong rug could make a room look messy or out of place. Luckily for you, the Lesser-Spotted team are here to help you pick out the perfect rug for your home to enrich any design you might have in mind.

Colour me happy

Odds are, the first thing on your list is colour. You’re looking for the perfect match to tie in with your existing interior scheme or design. This is a great starting point and even though you want everything in the space to work together, don’t minimalize your options!

“Choose a rug that tones down the space

Playing with Patterns

Similar to colour, patterns are going to be the main focal point of the room in which you place your new rug. Again, it’s about contrast. For example, heavy patterns on wallpaper or in furniture coordinates perfectly with single colour rugs or minimalist designs. It adds depth to your interior without taking any attention away from the beautiful space you’ve already created.

You might notice that your interior is tired-looking and needs livening up. In this case, a rug with a bold or busy pattern could be the solution. For example, solid coloured furniture or neutral tones can be dressed up with geometric designs that add character and originality to your living areas.

Size Matters

Size might seem obvious but it’s amazing to see just what the right size rug can do to transform a space. Keep in mind where the rug is going. Perhaps it is to tie in with your main living area. In this case, we recommend a large rug that houses all of your main furniture. A living area will feel larger if all seats are on top of your new rug and will also present the room with a warm and welcoming feel.

You may be looking for the perfect rug to place beneath a dining table and chairs. Again, we recommend a large rug that is big enough to accompany the table and all of the chairs, still housing them when guests pull out from the table.

Also, don’t forget about shape. The shape of the rug should typically coincide with the shape of the room. A rectangular shaped living area will appear more spacious with a rectangular rug flowing in the same direction. But don’t feel you can’t get creative! A square shaped dining table often looks great aboard a circular rug, for example.


Often we get so caught up in the building process: measuring for size, shopping for colours and patterns etc. that we forget about one of the most important aspects to a rug – texture!

Three words: contrast is key. A room with a variety of different textures feels layered, elegant and well-loved.

Sleek furniture like leather sofas will partner beautifully with a thick shag rug, for example. However, make sure to keep the environment in mind when choosing materials. Thick piles may not be best the choice for high traffic areas as they are not always as durable and far more difficult to keep clean.

When it comes down to it, there are so many different styles of rug out there to choose from, the best advice the Lesser-Spotted team can give is to go with a look you love.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus (Interior Designer, Author and founder of Nate Berkus Associates)

You can browse our selection of contemporary and vintage rugs available here. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our pieces and our team will be happy to help.