The air is warmer, the evenings are brighter and I think it’s safe to say, summer is definitely here!

During the beautiful heatwave we’re having in July, and big hopes for its carry-on throughout August, our spotters are paving the way for some gorgeous pieces to cater for blissful summer evenings in the garden.

Alfresco Dining!

And because it's July, the tasty topic of alfresco dining is floating around all over the place, getting us desperate to jump on the bandwagon.

“And why wouldn’t we?

We love food, and we love nothing more than indulging in tasty goodness, alongside the ambience of the gorgeous outdoors!

Go Rustic!

When it comes to hosting a dinner party it’s about much more than the food, believe it or not!

Impress guests with some serious style, and go rustic!

Rustic table designs and worn wooden furniture really comes to life in the garden, or natured-inspired settings.

The Equipment!

After slaving away on the oven and creating the most scrum-diddly-umptious food ever, why not take it a step further and serve it on a brand new tableware set?

These stunners will definitely bring some character to the table.

Your guests will love them!

The Surroundings

A the top of our list this month is definitely our new collection of stylish log holders.

I mean, imagine this....

It’s been a hot and busy day, the sun is still at its peak but the air has cooled enough for you to enjoy some garden time. Feet are up, log fires burning, summer tunes whistling in the background, a glass of fizz with friends or the other half....

...and a beautiful log holder to compliment that log burner of yours.

I mean, where else have you been storing your wood?!

The best part about these beauties is they’re super stylish, modern, come in over 40+ choices of finish, and they’re a lifesaver in the winter too. Just give them a wipe down and bring inside!