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About us


Lesser-Spotted was created by Interior Designer Louisa Mousley and Art Consultant Victoria Edwards, who are both passionate about their homes; both worked in associated fields and were often called on to share their ideas. Using their expertise, and sourcebooks they have created a distinctive and ever evolving collection of furniture, accessories, and objet d’art.


Louisa runs a successful residential interior design business based in London and Staffordshire, and works with discretion and flair to curate unique homes for her high-profile clients. Over the last decade her projects have taken her throughout Europe where she has honed her eye for spotting the unusual and beautiful, often in the most unlikely places.

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I am completely in love with the South African fabrics we have on Lesser-Spotted, based on designs from the artists who hand-paint Ardmore Ceramics, in the Drakensburg Mountains, the colours are very confident and the detail exquisite. It’s just so refreshing. My clients have been thrilled.
Hippo Flower Cushion
Dowry Coffer


Victoria has worked within the art world for over a decade, where she Consulted for some of the UK’s leading art galleries, and managed influential British and International artists. Victoria shares Louisa's tenacity for sourcing that next great find. She has an extensive network of industry contacts.

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I just adore finding pieces that have a history and have been preloved. My favourite finds at the moment are the folk dowry coffers. A celebration of marriage they are steeped in romance, and the vivid colours are just stunning. To think that many of these have lasted for over three centuries is simply amazing.

Our Philosophy

We understand that a stylish, individual home cannot be bought off the shelf, and firmly believe that your interior should evolve with you, as you fall in love with a design, or stumble across a heritage piece that sets your heart a-flutter. Disposable culture is unsustainable, and mass-produced shopping ultimately unsatisfying. By championing skilled craftsmanship, and hunting down the best built-to-last antiques and one-off designs, we deliver to you those statement pieces that will become talking points amongst your friends and colleagues, and a life-long love affair for you.

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What we do - a stylish lamp

What We Do

We are passionate about discovering bespoke, one-off antique and limited edition designs; the story and history in each piece is for us, what makes an object into a coveted piece. Your statement find on Lesser-Spotted will also be loved by your friends, but as a one-off, it will be unrequited! The Lesser-Spotted seekers are always on the hunt for that distinctive piece that will make your nest remarkable.

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