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Ceramics and Vases

Ceramics and Vases

Choose from a great range of vintage, contemporary, retro and antiqueceramics

Ceramics are a must have for any stylish home and fortunately, there is no end of options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a new set of dishes for everyday use, decorative vintage ceramics, a set of art deco jugs or a new fine china set for special occasions there are a few things to keep in mind.

Before you fall in love with a set, make sure what will work for you. A factor t ... Read More

Ceramics and Vases

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  1. spanish ceramics lemons lady head agata treasures

    Lemon Basket Lady

  2. spanish ceramic head vase, agata treasures

    Prickly Man

  3. spanish ceramic vase head, agata treasures

    Prickly Lady

  4. spanish ceramic fruit vase agata treasures

    The Fruit Queen Vase

  5. Gualterio Head Vase Agata Treasures Spanish Ceramics

    Gualtiero Head Vase

  6. Febronia Head Vase, Agata Treasues Spanish Ceramics

    Febrona Head Vase

  7. Set of 6 'Ovals' Wine Goblets

    Small Crystal Vase with 'Fern' Design

  8. The Vintage List Oval Crystal Vase

    Small Crystal Vase with 'Ovals' Design

  9. The Vintage List Star Crystal Vase

    Small Crystal Vase with 'Stars' Design

  10. The Vintage Crystal Vase with Lens designs

    Small Crystal Vase with 'Lens' Design

  11. 20th Century Octagonal Dining Table

    Reclaimed Vintage Plant Pots

  12. Handmade Raku Unique Ceramic Vase

    Japanese Style Ceramic Raku Vase

  13. Handmade Contemporary Concrete Plant Pot

    Contemporary Concrete Plant Pot

  14. Handmade Hand Painted Cylinder Patterned Vase

    Classic Handmade Sicilian Clay Cylinder Vase

  15. Handmade Hand Painted Clay Cylinder Patterned Vase

    Traditional Handmade Sicilian Cylinder Vase

  16. Handmade Hand Painted Blue White Motif Vase

    Traditional Handmade Blue and White Pharmacy Vase

  17. Handmade Hand Painted Albarello Shape Vase

    Classic Handmade Albarello Style Pharmacy Vase

  18. Handmade Hand Decorated Clay Flask Vase Face

    Creative Handmade Sicilian 'Flask Man' Ornament

  19. Handmade Hand Painted Clay Flask Vase

    Beautiful Handmade Decorative Flask with Ring Handles

  20. Handmade Hand Painted Pine Cone Bookend Ceramic Decor

    Classic Handmade Pine Cone Bookend Ornament

  21. Handmade Hand Painted Antique Style Bummolo Vase

    Traditional Sicilian Diamante Bummolo Style Vase

  22. Handmade Ceramic Villa Pinecone Ornament Decoration

    Handmade Sicilian Villa Pinecone Decoration

  23. Bummolo Bottle Green Handmade Ceramic Vase

    Traditional Bummolo Sicilian Vase in Bottle Green

  24. Traditional Blue Vase Aristocratic Handmade Ceramic

    Traditional Aristocratic Blue Sicilian Vase

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Items 1-24 of 32

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Set Descending Direction
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