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A Luxurious Christmas

We've shown you how to get Christmas wrapped up with our personalised gift ideas this year.

But have we mentioned just how luxurious it can be?
For the past week or two we've been talking about Christmas with a personal touch, but get ready for ‘A Luxurious Christmas’ with Lesser-Spotted.
From lavish tableware to aid some stylish dining this Christmas time, to vintage wall decor to surprise the art enthusiasts, to beautiful and classic pieces that we know will dress up any interior space – just in time for all the festivities!

Dining in Style

It’s Christmas time, and there really is no better time to get the friends and family over for drinks and nibbles! Now, if you happen to be hosting some dinner party sessions this year, let us turn your attention to our unique and beautifully made table mats.

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These unique designs have been handcrafted from a gorgeous and durable cowhide, complemented with a black leather reverse and gold hardware detailing to give a contemporary twist on a classic design. Of course, these make a stunning addition to the dining room for your dinner-hosting sessions but they also accommodate main living areas to dress up vases, plants and other decorative items! And don't forget, they make a truly original and remarkable gift this year!

Available in a variety of colours - and with matching coasters. Shop here.


Deck the Halls with… Decorative Rhino Heads

This stunning decorative rhino head was made by David Farrer - a Yorkshire-born sculptor with years of experience in the South African bush. After observing, studying and falling in love with African wildlife, Farrer combined his fine art degree with his passion for papier-mâché.


This rhino sculpture could be that quirky and unique piece of art you've been looking for, to add character and originality to your favourite space – and to add a touch of luxury this Christmas time.

Please note that every head is unique in its creation and made to order, therefore the price and materials used may vary slightly. Feel free to contact us for more information. Shop here.

Stafford Armchair

Imagine this beauty by the fire on Christmas morning. Are you seeing it? We are, and we’re loving it!


This beautifully proportioned handmade armchair is upholstered in Marton Mills' "Jura Macmillan Modern Black" 100% wool fabric. However, other fabrics are available upon request. This chair is supported by a solid hard wood frame with quality components and comprises of upgraded Featherlux seat interior and fibre back cushions. This armchair is made to last generations, and it starts with you this Christmas time!

Shop here.

Vintage BOS Poster

This vintage advertising poster for 'BOS' is printed in colour on paper and presented in a black lightweight frame. Of course this piece will add a touch of vintage to any interior space, as well as a hint of early 20th century Britain, but it also makes an amazing gift this Christmas time. The beauty of gifts like these is that there’s nothing else quite like it – is a presentation of wonderful vintage décor, charm, originality and history.

Shop here.

Folk Art Bench

There’s just something wonderfully festive about this antique folk bench. Imagine it alongside all your Christmas décor in all of its glory – a stunning addition for the holiday season and for many years to follow!


Originating from a Transylvanian village and made around the mid 20th century (often referred to as the 'Fancy Country' due to the distinctive folk art and embroidery), not only is this a beautiful piece it is filled with heaps of personality.

This bench is in exceptional condition, you could argue it was barely used. We believe this piece would have been housed in what was called 'The Clean Room' of the house - the peasant Hungarians version of the modern-day lounge or living room where the smartest furniture and valuables such as plate and silver were kept.

Shop here.


Wherever you are this Christmas time, whoever you’re with, and however you’re celebrating, we hope you’re doing it in luxury. Wishing you all the joy and happiness this Christmas.